What Are Good Cross Platform Free PDF Editors?

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What are good cross-platform free PDF editors?

I am here to introduce to all of you a various cross platform tools- 1) PWA (progressive web apps)-PWA is a hybrid of web page and an app . It was released by google back in 2015 and can be found with the help of a simple url. It is built using common web building techniques like HTML,Javascript etc. Perks. Easy to find and share PWA’s service worker Consistent user experience Shortcomings. Limited access to hardware features Lack of presence on the stores Incapability to collect user data 2)React Native & Flutter-it is developed and backed by facebook targets mobile apps and are built using HTML or Javascript . Perks. Huge community support Ready-made components UI/UX feels like native Shortcomings. Native code still needs to be written Inconsistencies on iOS and Android Never-ending investment and debugging more doubts can be cleared by best framework .

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I have been using Dan for just over two years now. I really do not get paid for this. However, I would be thrilled if the people who use Dan could give a few dollars to Dan (and the developers). Also, if you don't find what you need in Dan, share the link with anyone who can use it! This makes me very happy. In addition, don't forget about my article series for Dan, “Tips for Getting the Most out of Dan.