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Is there a way to extract / export all annotations from several PDFs into one file or DB ? I have lots of PDF with annotations and it is a bummer to go into every single one individually to track down a specific annotation (eg. a quote)

I can suggest to iPhone or iPad users how you can extract data from your pdf files. For this purpose, we need to uninstall a third-party app available on the App Store. The app is called Scanner App - PDF Editor. It is one of the highest-rated apps in the store for various reasons. Let me explain to you how you can extract text data from PDF files using this app. Instruction to extract data. Download the app from App Store. Open the app, and immediately you will be able to select the files. You can search for files in the search bar. Tap the plus sign button at the bottom of the app interface to chose files from Cloud, or you can scan any documents using the camera as a scanner. Select any file, and you will see the selected file/documents/photo in front. Tap the tools option at the left bottom, there you will find the OCR tool, tap it just for once and the app will automatically scan and complete the extraction process within a second. After extracting data at the bottom left corner, you will discover the share button. Tap the share button, and the app will give you the option to share, save, and copy the extracted data. You were asking how you can extract the data. The copy option I mentioned in the instruction will let you paste the extracted data to anywhere you wish. This whole process is swift, and it is much easier when you will do it yourself. Additionally, there are other features included in this app that you can use, which might be helpful for other purposes. Options like converting JPG and PNG files to PDF, PDF editing, combining several pages and pictures to make a single PDF file, electronic signature, and many more are available to the users. There are other apps you can find in the App Store, but none came close to this app in functionality. This app is the one-stop solution for your PDF-related work. The sad thing is, this beautiful app is not available on other platforms. I hope someday the developers will release this app for android phones and tablets. Until then, this is the only solution I can suggest to iOS users.

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It's not a huge project. The bookmarks would need to be stored in a database. My thoughts — not recommended! The bookmarks are already there on the website, and the “bookmarks” link was working when I was adding it. I do not believe they have a hard link to the online version of the bookmarks. I think it's a good idea to be careful about this kind of “website improvements”, though, especially when there's still so much to do. For me, I need some help with creating a bookmarks' solution, but I think my main reason for this is that I'm afraid there will be a huge load out of bookmarks, and this is not good for my productivity. I should try to create bookmark links, but I'm not so sure about this, if there is really a good solution. However, I do think that having an online version of the bookmarks.