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I want to build a PDF annotate app, where users can add things over pdfs. Is node.js a good fit?

Look if you are only thinking about the money from now on and you have no passion to learn web and mobile development, most probably you will not be able to learn the tools you need. To be able to have motivation to continue you should have some passion for it. In term of technology, If you learn Nodejs alone you will not be able to create complete web and mobile apps. You will only be able to create APIs which is basically the back-end (server) logic of your application which is not always necessary to some extent. To be able to create the interface (front-end logic) you need to learn at least HTML, CSS, Javascript first. Then you might need to use Node.js to build the back-end of your application. So i suggest that you become good at HTML, CSS, Javascript. Then learn react native or any JavaScript based mobile development framework. then learn a back-end language. At this stage you can build the web or the mobile application you want.

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This way you will be able to build a complete application (web or mobile) and know your technologies very well. How to Learn Web Development, and the Web vs. Mobile Application Development in NodeJS vs. Android As most of the developers prefer to learn one technology to be good, but also one technology to create both native Android and web applications, I will split my article on how to quickly learn web development in NodeJS vs. Android. What does NodeJS have to do with mobile applications ? To answer this question let's take a look at NodeJS website. NPM Here is a picture of the NPM website for NodeJS. This tells us that this package manager is mainly used to install additional modules, so we just need to include NodeJS in our application and NPM will handle everything else. What if we want to install a few additional modules like Expresses or Bootstrap. To be able to.

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