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Mac Preview Annotations Disappear: What You Should Know

Also, the editor does not show the changes it has made to the PDF at all (except the number of notes). Jul 20, 2024 — I tried annotating a PDF file, and it kept breaking up; it tried adding lines, and then removed them. It would go through and delete the line with the largest number, and then add another line. As a proof of concept, I went back and changed “Line 19 – 19 + 1” to “Line 3 – 19 + 1” and it still created the same line. Mar 19, 2024 — I tried to create an annotation with “Line 0 – 1 + 5”, and it created the same number of notes as a “line 1-7 + 1” Feb 27, 2024 — I added a line number in two places in an invalid way, and it made the PDF corrupt because the number is too small to be useful. Feb 26, 2024 — This is all a little sketchy/shaky, but I had a similar issue when annotating a PDF with my iPad Pro: When opening it in Preview, the annotations appear, but don't stay put. I had to manually move some annotations around to get them to stay up. Feb 24, 2024 — A few people noticed that the PDF editor doesn't update the number of notes when adding an annotation, especially when annotating with a PDF with many notes. I have a few ideas on how to fix this. Mac — Mac version of Preview just takes the whole document Aug 17, 2024 — After being told that Preview for Mac does not take photos, I went to edit some documents and noticed that there is an effect that adds a huge number of notes that will not disappear when I save the document. This appears to be due to a bug in Preview for Mac. Dec 6, 2024 — After some testing, the above note holds true for Mac Preview. Aug 10, 2024 — I got this odd effect with my PDF after adding an annotation. Feb 28, 2024 — I got this weird bug where my text in the document just doesn't update. Like, it looks like it changes but disappears, and when you look at the document again, all the text is the same and blank. I've tried deleting my document, restarting it, and I haven't been able to figure it out. Dec 25, 2024 The below video was recorded while running Preview in Safari, which has a weird bug with PDF Annotations.

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FAQ - Mac preview annotations disappear

How do you show annotations in Preview on Mac?
View the annotation options by navigating to Tools > Annotate and select the option you would like to use. You can also show the markup toolbar at the top by selecting View > Show Markup Toolbar. Highlight, underline, draw and add notes to the document. Once you are done, make sure to save.
Why can't I see annotations on PDF?
The PDF is stored on your computer If the PDF you're annotating is saved on your computer (for example, in your Documents folder or on your Desktop), then you'll need to open the original document to view your annotations in context.
Why does Preview not save annotations?
PDF files coming from someone else may have security restrictions enabled. Open one of the problematic PDF files and click Tools and Show Inspector and go to the middle tab to view the permissions. If Annotations are restricted you will need the password on the PDF to change that permission.
How do I save annotations in PDF Preview Mac?
Use the tools in the toolbar to mark up the PDF (or use the Touch Bar). Note: To save a PDF and allow annotations to be edited later, choose one of the following: File > Save, File > Export, or File > Export to PDF. (PDFs are also saved with editable annotations when they're saved automatically.)